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Recent Videos

The Fear of the Lord – Wisdom

Too often, people try to limit God into some “tame” God who is not threatening. Well, although God is love and cares…

Being Thankful – Gratitude in the Family

It’s never easy facing death, especially when it’s a family member. As my father-in-law struggles with his health, I’ve seen his family…

Sadness, Grief and Sorrow – The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Losing a loved one is not a fun topic to discuss. On the 10th anniversary of my dad’s death, I found myself…

Running Against God – Part 3

Jonah was selfish with God’s own provision of his comfort. Jonah wanted the Ninevites to get what they deserved. And Jonah felt…

Running Against God – Part 2

Jonah was selfish with God’s CHARACTER and MERCY! Jonah was furious when God relented on destroying the Ninevites. We probably would be…

Running Against God – Part 1

Jonah was selfish with God’s CHARACTER. And what we know about God’s character is that He’s consistent and gracious. After all, He…

Biblical Happiness: Possible?

“As long as I’m happy.” Ever heard that one? Of course you have. You might have even said it. But does God…

Discipleship – The Biggest Problem In The Church Today

The biggest problem in the church is not in every church. However, the bigger a church gets, often, discipleship is the hardest…

Answered Prayer Gratitude vs Faith

Let’s look at the difference between gratitude and faith. It’s one thing to appreciate and be grateful for what God has done….

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Want to learn more about choosing Jesus?

It’s important to have a good understanding of who Jesus really is. Currently, there seems to be a disconnect between the Jesus of the Bible and culture’s perspective. Christianity and eternal life are not that difficult to understand. Join us in watching more in depth, and possibly perspective-challenging, videos about Jesus’ role on earth. There really is Truth out there. We want to help you find it, understand it, and apply it.

Want to learn more about choosing Discipleship?

A disciple is someone who authentically follows Jesus. That followership is lived out by loving God, loving others, and making disciples who make disciples. In other words, we don’t just grow in our knowledge of God, but we put that into practice by applying what we’ve learned and sharing those teachings with others - by sacrificially serving and loving other people… including those who are far from God. Learn more about true disciples who makes disciples.

News & Views

Why People Don’t Like The Church – Part 2

People like Jesus, but they often don’t like the church. Even if the reason Christians stop going to church is legit, they’re…

Why People Don’t Like The Church – Part 1

Many people like Jesus, but they don’t like the church. Books have been written about that. They get hurt by a pastor,…

Walmart Boycott Because Of Anti-Trump Gear? What About Target?

Ryan Fournier tweeted about Walmart’s online “Impeach Trump” clothing. Not only t-shirts but even onesies. Twitter immediately blew up with over 50,000…