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That’s awesome! And we’re excited to help you explore who Jesus is and show you His unending love and incredible grace. But don’t let the title of the video to the left run you off. We really believe that when we die, we will spend forever somewhere. We desperately want to you to know the Jesus of the Bible. There are too many culturally inaccurate thoughts and views about Jesus and His church. We encourage you to check out this video, and all the ones below, to get to know the Jesus we follow. You’ll be glad you did.

“Fact, Fiction, or Fail – The Resurrection”

I have many theories why people do the things they do. Take, for instance, men who use a public bathroom… let’s say at church or a movie theater… only to leave without washing their hands. My thoughts – maybe they were in a real hurry. Maybe they thought that whatever they touched during this event…

Jesus – Liar, Crazy Man, or God?

National Basketball Association star Charles Barkley was one the greatest players of all time being one of only five players to garner 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists. That’s quite a feat. He started his first eight years as a Philadelphia 76er before joining the Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets to encapsulate an amazing…

The Only Gift You’ll Take With You

Birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries – they all typically mean gift-giving and/or receiving. And everyone loves a nice gift. Some like expensive gifts. Others prefer a more thoughtful gift… maybe one that took a lot of research, or time, or fit the occasion perfectly. I favor cash. Don’t judge. A Visa gift card would work nicely…

Heaven, Hell, and You – Where Are You Headed?

Pop culture and society in general really believes if we do more good things than bad, we should make it to Heaven. Some religions even teach this as a fundamental truth. The problem is, how ‘good’ is ‘good enough?’ This is where it gets incredibly squishy. The Bible clearly teaches that ALL people are sinners….

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Going Deeper

Want to learn more about Jesus? We've got you covered. Interested in being an effective disciple of Jesus? We can help you grow in a laid-back environment where you choose how involved you want to be. We can even help you start your own Simple Church. All you need to do is pick the people you'd like to have in your community.