Running Against God – Part 3

Series: Jonah and Running

God wants to expose something in most all of us that we’d like to pretend isn’t there, or at least cover-up. And that’s our selfishness!

Categories: Behavior, Culture, Emotions, Life, Spirituality, Theology

Jonah was selfish with God’s own provision of his comfort. Jonah wanted the Ninevites to get what they deserved. And Jonah felt that he wasn’t getting what he deserved when God took away the shelter He was providing Jonah. Jonah runs against God because his concerns are not God’s concerns. When we can see what God sees and act like God acts, we will reach spiritual maturity and be running WITH God instead of AGAINST Him. And what we find is that God wants to make sure that no one gets what they deserve.

I want to...

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